"We scheduled a feeding consult with Rachel when we were struggling to integrate solids into our baby's diet. Rachel was knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and reassuring. She gave us practical tools to address the concerns and told us when it was and wasn't time to worry. Our baby improved so much, thanks to Rachel's tips and tricks. Would highly recommend!" - Parent, 9 Month Old

"My child has worked with Rachel on and off for several years, and we could not be happier with her service. She is knowledgeable, responsive, effective, AND a delightful person who has been a support to our entire family. We feel fortunate to work with her and give her our highest recommendation!" - Parent, Teenager

"We were very fortunate to meet & start working with Rachel in 2019 when our son was struggling with hand dominance and writing. We love Rachel because she relates so well to our son and makes sessions fun and engaging. She also is a parent and gets our perspective too. With Rachel’s help we have seen our son’s fine motor and executive function skills develop significantly." - Parent, 7 year old

"Rachel is a true wonder worker. She approaches challenges with optimism and ease, forever bringing a 'let's try' attitude. My 10 month old was struggling to transition from a bottle to a 360 cup. What I had been trying to solve for weeks to no avail, Rachel fixed in less than 3 minutes! Even more impressive, while offering her supports and solutions, Rachel never made me feel like my efforts were in vain or ineffective, rather that we just hadn't found the right solution for my child. Rachel is a true partner to your family in helping your child, and you!, grow and learn." - Parent, 10 Month Old